Everyone still considers back link as the most important ranking factor. With that being said, we often come across many people who tend to build thousands of back link for their website and still the results obtained are zero.

It’s because of the common fact that most people don’t really perform back linking following a particular protocol or order. A proper back link is a complex process and requires much orientation in a tuned manner.

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Link Building Factors

Below mentioned are the several aspects and some of the parameters which one should bear in mind whilst building links for any particular website.

Trust Flow

It is one of the most important metrics and KPI which is often used in off page seo activities. Trust flow initially finds its existence from Majestic. In short, it is also referred to as TF factor.

Trust flow basically denotes a score between 0 to 100, which determines how trustworthy the incoming links are; which are directed to your website or landing page. Trust flow is a relative score and it’s never judged based on the number of incoming links.

Citation Flow

Citation flow is also an important metric when it comes to backlink analysis. In short, it is also known as the CF factor.

Citation flow also denotes a score between 0 to 100, it determines the relative count of the quantity of the back link pointing to the website. CF factor makes sure that good and valuable link juice is passed without any spam.

Golden Ratio Factor

Golden ratio factor is the division of TF score by CF score. The ideal value has to lie within 0.6 to 1.5, it is to be noted that the more the value is nearer to 1, more will be the benefit.

Mathematically, Golden Ratio = TF/CF and the value should be between 0.6 – 1.5; the golden ratio factor is also considered as a link juice equation.

Referring Domains (RD)

Referring domains are a part of advanced seo techniques and based on a correlation study it has been found that referring domains contains strong positive correlation and helps a lot with website ranking.

Well, referring domains are the unique domains from which you have successfully acquired a backlink. With that being said, a referring domain will only get counted as a referring domain if the link acquired is a valid link without any possible noticeable issues.

Referring IP

Referring IP is an important metric for seo link building. This also has the same functionality as that of the referring domain where links have to be acquired from a unique domain with good authority and less spam score.

The only difference lies within the fact that with referring IP one also needs to acquire a link from a unique IP as well. In other words, not only you need to acquire a link from a unique domain but also the IP shouldn’t be repeated.