If you open up Google search bar and search the phrase “home care”, you’ll be provided with a list that highlights ads for larger & well-reputed agencies, a map with locations of very high-ranking agency sites, & – much lower on the page will be the links to other home health care agencies near you, or near the place you stipulated in your search.
So, now the question arises what can you do to make sure that your home health care agency site appears at the top of this list?
The one & only way is by performing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get your site listed higher in Google’s search results.

Fact: Over 90% of families investigate their local home health care agencies online before calling. Most will examine at least 5 home health care websites before picking up the phone to call/request one of them.

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Understand how search engines read pages

To learn how Google scans a Web page, it aids to view it as “top-down.”
This is a common guideline and not meant to be comprehensive or universal, but it can surely help in prioritizing where you put your keywords. When we state top-down, what we actually mean is, when you stare at your browser window, at the top is the URL field, then there is the page title, then headline (H1 tag), then comes the page content.
Your Web address is one of the top parts which Google counts in ranking a site. If you sell mobiles, would be much easier to rank than

Improve your Page Title & Description

A page title is one of the most significant factors which plays a very vital role in the ranking of your site. That means each word counts, for search bots and for anyone scanning or viewing home care agencies. If a searcher’s keywords are in your title, your possibilities of ranking higher increases dramatically.
The page description is the text, also recognized as the meta description, which appears under the title in the search results. While it’s not recognized when ranking a webpage but it’s one of the keys to helping potential clients quickly learn what you do—and determine to click on your site listing or not.
Now comes your page description, best captured at 160 characters, as a free representation for your site. So be very sure to use it wisely.

Join Social media

If your business isn’t on social media yet, go & set up an account today. Start with Facebook and LinkedIn, as they are in the trends & widely used & also have the most use for obtaining and selecting caregivers, and for finding referral authorizations and new customer prospects. Use the platforms to share your articles, company-related news, testimonials, and maybe blog content.
Google sifts within social media sites to pull out information, so by having your social media pages up to date, you’re improving your likelihood of being listed fairly on Google.

Unhitch the Power of Keywords

Use the Google Keyword Tool or trending tools in the market to find keywords that have satisfactory search volume and medium or low competition. A fair keyword will generate 10,000-30,000 searches or more per month. Place your highest priced keywords in your URL (keeping it as short as possible), the page title, page headline somewhere in your content. Do not make your keywords portion of an image. It necessitates to be text on the page, or the search engines won’t be able to crawl it.

Increase site speed

You must have clicked a link & waited 30 or 60 seconds for the page to load?
Isn’t that frustrating?
Many people just exit the site when it is slow. This leaving of the site further untouched because of the slow site loading speed by people is also known as bounce rate. Slow loading speeds usually turn people apart from using a website. Check the loading time of your page through Google’s Page Speed Tools, or another speed testing site trending in the market. It’s imperative that your page doesn’t take more than 5 seconds to load. If it does, execute changes that increases the speed of your website.

Highlights positive reviews

Feedback or reviews from ex-home care clients can either make or break the flow of your organization’s online efforts. Take it onto yourself to highlight positive reviews from ex-patients by putting them at the front of your website. This simp[ly means displaying valuable comments on the homepage of your site or creating a separate tab devoted to testimonials.
By putting a light on their experiences, you’re engaging others to do the recommending for you.

Harmonizing up your SEO doesn’t have to be always tough.
By the above simple tips, you’ll drag more potential clients and will lead on your way to claim true search engine optimization.
While it may not forever be difficult but it can be almost time-consuming. If you are really short on time or want an extra set of hands operating on your online marketing just give us a call. We’d be happy & obliged to help you win more home care clients!