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Why is Local SEO for Assisted Living important?

More & more seniors are engaging themselves online; thus, Assisted or senior living communities are turning to digital marketing strategies to climb to the top of search results. That’s why an efficient senior living SEO strategy is one of the many approaches transforming the senior living landscape.

Seniors are considered to be a part of the golden generation. The latest population projections from the U.S. Census Bureau show that in the next decade, one out of every five people in the United States will be at retirement age or older. Given this statistic, it’s no surprise that the home care and assisted living industries are some of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy. However, with so many families searching for the right home care or assisted living facility, competition between agencies is fierce. This is especially evident in online marketing.

While most senior living facilities will not have to worry about competing with similar businesses across the country, they will still have to differentiate themselves from others in their city or county. That’s why it’s crucial to implement a local SEO strategy that can help you target customers in your area. And we at eMod do just that. So, fill up the contact form and get us doing.

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Website Design for Assisted Living

Your website is arguably your assisted or senior living facility’s most valuable marketing asset, and if it isn’t bringing in enough new patients, it’s time for a new one. Consider this:

  • 92% of consumers look at websites while choosing a local business.
  • 75% of consumers say a website’s design is the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business.
  • A single lousy website experience makes users 88% less likely to revisit that website.

eMod’s approach to website design balances brand identity and aesthetics with usability and functionality. This ensures that your website looks great and contains all of the following features that your assisted living community needs to be successful on the web.

  • Custom Design – Whether your preference is a sleek modern look, or something more traditional, your website design will be tailored to your preferences and help you stand out in a competitive marketplace.
  • Mobile-Friendly – Your site will use a responsive design to display optimally on any device – from desktop to smartphones.
  • Information Architecture– We at eMod make sure your site is user-friendly and easy for visitors to navigate.
  • Brand Integration – Your website will reflect your organization’s unique identity and highlight your best assets.
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My key takeaway from the rise of local based searches is that
granularity is key to a successful paid search account

Jeff Baum
Associate Director of Services at Hanapin Marketing

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Social Media Marketing for Assisted Living

If your senior living community isn’t on social media, you’re missing a lot of your target market. Adults over 65 are the fastest-growing social media demographic. Also, Baby boomers are one of the fastest-growing demographic among social media users. Combined with the fact that most of their grown children are also on social media, these platforms contain a massive marketplace for your assisted living community. So, without a social media marketing strategy, you could be missing out on a lot of potential leads.

An active social media presence will also help in improving your retirement facility’s chances of success. This will not only help you to reach your target market, but it can also establish your business as an active part of the online retirement home community.

And even if social media adoption is stagnating, it’s important to note that a majority of your audience logs into their social media platform of choice regularly.

Long story short: To be where your audience is, you need to be on social media.


If your business is not doing great and if you are not getting a good result for your efforts. The best workaround to this problem is hiring our SEO agency and then leaving it to us to help you in the entire SEO process. Our company consists of a team of SEO experts with highly developed processes for delivering better search results across different verticals. So, if you opt for our SEO agency, then your business will improve.

It basically depends on the competitiveness of your business industry and the popularity of your keywords. Jumping directly to the front of Google’s results ordinarily takes between 3-6 months. But keep in mind that this is when you start seeing results because SEO results grow over time. In short, Organic traffic is not a temporary endeavor, it’s ongoing, and it takes time.

  • Look at the number of successful case studies of the company.
  • Look for the Number of years they have been in the business.
  • Look for the number of clients/expertise in your target niche.
  • Look for the quality of communication. Call us to discuss various SEO strategies with you, and this way, you’ll also realize how good they are at handling Local SEO.
  • Analyze the Payment structure and cost.
  • They focus on your core-competency by keeping their primary focus on your business without worrying about any technical issues.
  • They get scalable results.
  • They offer Cost-Effective SEO Reseller packages.
  • They work with many Niche experts.
  • Our team of international SEO experts specializes in different areas of Search Engine Optimization.
  • We maintain a very healthy relation with our clients by always being in touch with them and by focusing on delivering precise results as early as possible.
  • We maintain a team of experts who are always up to date with what Google is looking for in terms of quality content and website and continuously researching to keep abreast of new algorithm developments.
  • Monthly and quarterly performance reports designed to show you quantifiable progress.