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Local SEO Packages for Beauty Salons

  • Find Yourself Locally On the First Page of Google!
  • We offer a comprehensive Local SEO Strategy for your Website
  • Get ranked in less than 60 Days
  • Our monthly packages begin from $449
  • Our SEO Packages include all advanced On-Page & Off-Page activities, which ensures 100% client satisfaction by getting the keywords rankings on higher positions.
  • Our Packages are fully customized to suit your Business
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Why is Local SEO for Beauty Salons important?

Every day, millions of people across the country and in your local area are searching for beauty salons. Are you doing anything to attract these people to your site or your salon? If you are not, then, unfortunately, you won’t be able to get ahead of your competition.

So, whether you are just opening your doors to the public or your salon is an established one, the more quickly you can build an online presence, the better off you’ll be. Also, keep in mind that your first source of information is always Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Thus, you now know why ranking high on the search engine is vital for your beauty salon marketing. Fortunately, eMod can help you improve your traffic to your website, both virtually and realistically, with our hair salon marketing services.

Moreover, most of the mainstream beauty salons have already invested in Local SEO. They’ve set up their sites in such a way that people can learn, schedule appointments, and even virtually meet their stylists before they’ve ever stepped foot inside the salon. Also, SEO strategies change all the time. Due to this, it is more important than ever that your salon website is optimized well enough according to the latest SEO trends so that your salon website scores a high ranking.

So, if you haven’t opted for Search Engine Optimization yet, then don’t wait any further. The more you wait, the more you’ll lag. Get in touch with us by filling up the form, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Website Design for Beauty Salons

If you happen to own a beauty salon business, but you don’t have proper online visibility, you might be missing out. Nowadays, having a website is an essential part of any business and especially for businesses related to visual imagery like salons. In building your web presence, our professionals at eMod ensure that your design will be user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, readable, comprehensive, and mobile-friendly. Of course, we also make the design look elegant, innovative, and modern enough to shine in this competitive market.

We are experts at designing or developing beauty salon websites. Our range of website solutions accommodates established salon owners who are looking for a completely custom design as well as budget-conscious salon owners who want a great looking, affordable salon website.

Also, we make sure that your beauty salon website should reflect your unique branding and level of professionalism. With our responsive and effective salon website, you’ll be able to raise the game when it comes to your business. And with the help of eMod’s salon SEO services, you’ll also be able to bring more traffic to your site through organic search, which will open up opportunities for new clientele you may not have previously had the chance to serve. Reach out to our team of web developers today to get started!

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My key takeaway from the rise of local based searches is that
granularity is key to a successful paid search account

Jeff Baum
Associate Director of Services at Hanapin Marketing

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Social Media Marketing for Beauty Salons

Are you looking forward to market your beauty salon? Then, Social media is a great way to engage with your current and potential customers, create brand loyalty among customers by reinforcing what makes your salon unique and spread more awareness about your services.

With the increasing use of social media in every industry, both local & small businesses must know how to connect with customers and use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in a way that will benefit your business. Have a look below to know more about how Social Media can help your salon, and how we tend to use social media to help you –

Post Content to intrigue your target customer

The content on your Social media posts needs to be engaging and appealing to those who are going to read it and should provide them with some new source of information. It should also entice readers to learn more about you.

Use Facebook as a Key Communication Tool

Facebook is the perfect way for you to share your services, post photos of your work, or create contests or giveaways to promote brand loyalty and spread awareness of your brand.

In today’s Facebook era, you would rarely find a customer who isn’t a member of the social media site. Thus, it is the perfect medium to communicate with customers.


Twitter is an excellent way for your salon business to provide information, share interesting related articles, or hold contests.


With over 200 million users in just four years, Instagram is now an integral member of the core social media family. Also, pictures are a great way to market your salon and show a wide variety of your work as well as other photos that follow your brand’s theme.


If your business is not doing great and if you are not getting a good result for your efforts. The best workaround to this problem is hiring our SEO agency and then leaving it to us to help you in the entire SEO process. Our company consists of a team of SEO experts with highly developed processes for delivering better search results across different verticals. So, if you opt for our SEO agency, then your business will improve.

It basically depends on the competitiveness of your business industry and the popularity of your keywords. Jumping directly to the front of Google’s results ordinarily takes between 3-6 months. But keep in mind that this is when you start seeing results because SEO results grow over time. In short, Organic traffic is not a temporary endeavor, it’s ongoing, and it takes time.

  • Look at the number of successful case studies of the company.
  • Look for the Number of years they have been in the business.
  • Look for the number of clients/expertise in your target niche.
  • Look for the quality of communication. Call us to discuss various SEO strategies with you, and this way, you’ll also realize how good they are at handling Local SEO.
  • Analyze the Payment structure and cost.
  • They focus on your core-competency by keeping their primary focus on your business without worrying about any technical issues.
  • They get scalable results.
  • They offer Cost-Effective SEO Reseller packages.
  • They work with many Niche experts.
  • Our team of international SEO experts specializes in different areas of Search Engine Optimization.
  • We maintain a very healthy relation with our clients by always being in touch with them and by focusing on delivering precise results as early as possible.
  • We maintain a team of experts who are always up to date with what Google is looking for in terms of quality content and website and continuously researching to keep abreast of new algorithm developments.
  • Monthly and quarterly performance reports designed to show you quantifiable progress.