With over 33,000 floral firms in the United States, you could say the competition is really fierce. Whether someone is looking for a spur-of-the-moment get well present, a birthday bouquet for their mom, or just a kind gesture, the floral industry produces over $7 billion in revenue every year serving shoppers across the country.

With so much competition, how can you ensure that your particular flower shop earns the most revenue possible? One of the best strategies available is SEO (search engine optimization).
On this page of eMod, we’ll talk regarding what SEO is, how it can help your floral business, and what kind of tacts your campaign can include.

On-page SEO is made up of strategies that you implement on your website pages to encourage higher rankings in Google.

Off-page SEO includes strategies that are done outside of your floral website, but still help it to rank higher in results pages.

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Why SEO for Florist is important?

As we all know, SEO is the process of improving your website’s pages so that they rank highly in search engine results pages.
IT HELPS YOU RANK HIGHER IN SEARCH RESULTS With so much fight, it’s very crucial for you that your floral shop is one of the first concerns that users see. If your company ranks halfway down the page of results, users may not even find you, which means it’s unlikely that they’ll click on your page, and nearly impossible for them to make a purchase.
IT WILL HELP YOU APPEAL TO YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE Another reason SEO matters to your floral business is because it will help you appeal to your target audience as you choose what topics to write about and what keywords to target.
However, there are two kinds of keywords you can target:

  • General keywords
  • Long-tail keywords