When dormant customers are looking for pest control services, 88% do the searching on search engines according to Pest Control Technology.
If you really want to reach that audience, optimizing your website behavior is important. SEO is very crucial in turning online traffic into potential pest control customers.

There are four essential tips when it comes to SEO for pest control companies.
We eMod are specialized in pest control internet marketing, operating with exterminating companies across the whole United States: Discover Local Keywords, Location Management, Website Structure, User Experience.

In 2018, total revenue from the pest control market was anticipated to surpass $12.7 billion. The market itself was ballooning thanks to hotter weather and the ever-growing urban sprawl.

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3 Reasons Why Pest Control Companies Should Invest in Local SEO With the help of eMod

It looks like it should be easy to get new customers—especially since each homeowner will most likely need this service at least once in their lifetime. But, if you’re short on pest control marketing plans, don’t feel that you aren’t alone. We are with you. The marketing industry itself has transformed drastically in the past few years, and let me tell you that what served to get you pest control leads in 2015 probably won’t work next year. So you need to adopt new plans & we are ready with the plans, just need your support.

The Yellow Pages Are Gone, and Google Dominates

Until quite recently, you could attract prospects through an ad in the Yellow Pages.
Today, a remarkable 97% of people look for local companies online, and Google is the undisputed master in an online search.

Free Traffic

Promotion is a huge expense for any business practically. Boosting your Google rankings gives you an ongoing current of free traffic that you need to transform into clients to paying clients.

Lightning Fast Results

National and international organizations must wait an average of 6 to 12 months to see variations in their Google rankings. As a pest control business, though, you have an enormous advantage. Many of the companies have not yet started a local SEO campaign.