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Website Development

Our websites are sleek and custom looking, without the price. We have the best developers in the business who take great pride in building you something special and user friendly.

We build our websites primarily in WordPress format, unless on the rare occasion that another format is necessary.   There are over 75 million WordPress sites in the world today, making it the most popular format around the globe.

What is WordPress format?  It is a website creation tool that allows us to use a variety of technologies to work together to give the website the look and functionality necessary for your business.  Think of it this way.  A car is a car is a car. Right?  Yes, they all have 4 wheels, a steering wheel, and an engine.  HOWEVER, there are Ford cars, and Chevy cars, and Chrysler cars.  They’re all cars, but they all have unique parts to their creation.  You can’t put a Ford transmission in a Chevy vehicle.

WordPress is a very popular car, and the beauty of WordPress is that it’s not custom coded, so a business with a WordPress website is not beholden to a particular developer who used a unique coding language to build the site so you are forever beholden to them.   With WordPress, any WordPress trained developer can work on the site, giving your business the freedom of knowing you can always find someone to modify the website if needed.

All of our websites are responsive.   This means the site will alter itself to provide the user experience you want no matter the size and shape of the screen.   With so many different devices being used to access the internet, it is very important the website function well if the screen is a large rectangular monitor, or a laptop computer, or a tablet device such as an iPad.   Our websites are built mobile friendly and will pass the Google mobile friendly test.

After we build your website, we train on how to modify the website yourself.  No longer to you have to depend on a web developer and all the costs that come along with that to make simple content changes to your site.  Of course we are always here if you need us, but we teach you to make changes so you can save time and money.

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We are a budget friendly business, with a commitment to communicating in a timely and friendly manner. We will not fail you.

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