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About Us

eModern Marketing was created out of a found need.

Alan Burke, President

In 2010, while in a different business, we attempted to have a website built to promote health program. We paid for the website to be built upfront, for over $10,000. We thought that was expensive, little did we know we were just getting started. We provided the developer with the information and content we thought they needed to complete the website, and left them to do their work. Weeks went by with no communication until we figured the project must be complete by now. We reached out to the company and were told that they didn’t have everything they needed and hadn’t started on the project yet. Our first question was, “what else do you need” and our second was, “why didn’t you tell us you didn’t have everything you needed”?

This was the beginning of a “relationship” that consisted of “we’ve run into some programming issues, and for us to fix it we’ll need this many additional thousands of dollars”. When asked what is the issue what came back in a language we could not understand or comprehend which we call “tech speak”. Speaking technology is a very esoteric language. Unless you live in that business, it is very difficult to keep up, and the language continues to change as new technologies continue to emerge.

Contacting the developer became an all out missing persons search. We could go a week or more without a returned phone call or we would receive an email saying they were in a middle of another project and would get back to us when it was completed. Whenever that was, we wouldn’t find out until they emailed us back or by some small miracle called us back.

So a year later we still had an incomplete website and we were tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket and had no idea when the site would be ready, if ever.

I asked friends who were small business owners like us, and asked about their experience with their website development. Each one of them to a person had the same complaint. Too expensive for their budget, can never get a hold of the developer, and if they could, couldn’t understand what they were being told.

From that rose eModern Marketing, LLC. We created a company with our clients and their business situations in mind. Our philosophy is to provide the latest in affordable technology, communicate our capabilities and what our services will do for your business in plain English, and we are available to our clients. We return emails, and we return phone calls. We have hired top notch talent who are motivated and innovative. When we do a project for you, we want you to love us.

Give us a call, let’s talk about what we can do for you.

We are a budget friendly business, with a commitment to communicating in a timely and friendly manner. We will not fail you.

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