There are around more than 10,000 Golf clubs in America, competing against each other for new potential customers. This means that if you want your golf club to attract new golfers and continue to grow, you need an effective marketing strategy. It wasn’t that long ago that a golf club could place an ad in the Yellow Pages and wait for golfers to call for a tee time. Today, though, a whopping 97% of people search online for local businesses, and Google is by far the market leader. To build your customer base, then, you must get your business to the top of Google rankings.

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How does SEO helps Golf Clubs operation?

Here is one of the biggest misconceptions about SEO in the golf industry. Everyone eMod has spoken to seems to think that an SEO plan will generate thousands of extra visits every month on their website. SEO is not meant to do this. The fact is that SEO will generate more traffic for your golf club’s website, just not thousands of extra visitors like most are expecting. What it will do is generate “QUALIFIED TRAFFIC”. This means that the traffic coming to your website will have a higher percentage of converting into a sale.

How does SEO helps Golf Clubs operation?

Bad SEO results in random keyword rankings and high traffic.  Good SEO results in keyword rankings that matter and produce QUALIFIED TRAFFIC.

You can generate thousands of extra traffic to your website each month, but if it isn’t qualified the odds of them converting to a sale are much lower than if the person coming to your website came off a search term that was directly related to your business.