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Responsive Design

Mobile Friendly


“Now you can have the power of top of mind marketing with your LOGO on all your clients smartphone home screens.  Your customers can reach you with two taps of the screen, and your brand will always be in front of them.

Over 65% of Americans have a smartphone, and most use them regularly to access the internet.   Smartphone visitors to websites is reaching almost 40% of website traffic. Smartphone sales now outpace Desktop and laptop computers COMBINED.

In this world of wanting everything at our finger tips, your customers are no different. With your own mobile website, your customers will get a much more phone friendly user experience when visiting your website.  And when they visit your website from their phone they can easily download your business logo to their homescreen.

Many new websites have built in mobilizing features to create a positive user experience for mobile phone visitors.  But many businesses can’t afford a new website, or want one, and that is when a mobile website can be used instead.  It is a separate website built specifically for mobile phone visitors.  We add a code to the desktop website which allows it to recognize the mobile visitor and forward them to the mobile website.   The cost of building the mobile website is hundreds of dollars, and the annual hosting and software upgrades as they become available are very cost effective as well.

Google came out in April of 2015 and said publicly that businesses without mobile phone friendly websites could be penalized in search results.   It’s a very blunt way of saying your company needs to recognize the value of having a solid user experience for website visitors.  So much so that Google feels businesses that don’t provide a positive user experience for the huge increase in mobile traffic to websites should be taken serious in Google ranking.

The user experience of today’s consumer must be engaging and informative and easily navigated.  If it isn’t the website visitor will “bounce” or leave the website within seconds and without looking at more than one page.  This bounce rating is monitored by Google and will effect a website negatively if the percentage is above 50

Your mobile website can include social sharing capabilities, allowing customers to share your business with friends on social networks.  Sharing your website with others is the cheapest way to market the business.

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! We can show you what your mobile app could look like even before buying! Just contact us and we can create a side by side comparison of what your current website looks like on a smartphone, and what a new mobile app from us would look like on a smartphone. You will be glad you did.

Give us a call, let’s talk about what we can do for you.

We are a budget friendly business, with a commitment to communicating in a timely and friendly manner. We will not fail you.

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